The Mexican Flair of an Italian Husband

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My Italian husband loves to cook, and while he is still trying to figure out which Mexican dish is supposed to have lime and which one does not, this citrus, along with avocados, pickled rajas and a wide array of peppers, are staples in our home.

In Mexico, lime, salt and chile piquín can turn jícama, cucumber and almost any fruit into a snack. These delicious bites are quite ubiquitous- you can find them being sold from carts on the street,  moms pack them as lunches, hosts and hostesses have them ready for a variety of events, both big and small.

Enrico knows this, and last night he prepared  this mango which we/I devoured in a matter of minutes. Although he might still have to do some work to understand the complexities of the Mexican lime protocol, he has definitely already mastered the ratios!

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  1. I just drooled on my keyboard, and I may have licked the computer monitor.

  2. ros says:

    suuuper mango que te prepararon Brenda!!!!
    Las jicamas con chile ya tienen nombre oficial (por lo menos en Aguascalientes) y hasta franquicia: se llaman Jicaletas. Claro, en el centro histérico de la Ciudad de México tambien las venden pero deberian llamarse Puercaletas!!!! jajajaja

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