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Comida de Reyes – No te Pierdas la Entrevista con el Gastrónomo Mexicano, José Bossuet

Foto: José Bossuet

Foto: José Bossuet

Este sábado 26 de abril en “Sazón, Razón y Corazón”, los atendemos a cuerpo de rey: les tenemos la entrevista con el distinguido chef  Jose Bossuet Martinez, miembro de la prestigiosa asociación gastronómica “Club de Chefs de Chefs”. Este grupo admite exclusivamente a los chefs de cocina que sirven a reyes, reinas, príncipes, jefes de estado y de gobierno.

Bossuet fungió como Chef Ejecutivo de la Presidencia de la República al mando de la cocina del ex-presidente Vicente Fox, en donde tuvo a su cargo la comitiva del avión presidencial, viajando con el presidente en la giras internacionales.

Hoy, ya no es necesario ser funcionario o aristocracia para comer como si lo fueramos. ¿Estás en San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato? Pues estás de suerte. Visita al Chef Bossuet en su Café Contento y próximamente en Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Californa en Lozhka Bistrot (junio del 2014).

Amigos, ustedes que nos leen, seguramente recordarán que José Bossuet, junto con nuestro amigo y colaborador Aldo Saavedra, recientemente representó a México en el World Congress of Culinary Traditions en Rumania. ¡Estamos de manteles largos! Escúchanos en punto de las 9:00 CT aquí:

Watch Premios Billboard with us and Enter to Win a Galaxy Tab 3 Courtesy of Sprint!

46253_Premios Badges-FINAL4

La Vitamina T has proudly accepted the invitation to host a viewing party courtesy of Sprint, the exclusive wireless sponsor of Premios Billboard de la Música Latina.  Sprint brings music lovers everywhere closer to the artists and music they love.

And just because food brings friends and family together, we have asked the one and only chef Atzimba Pérez to create an authentic Mexican menu to delight a few of our closest friends.

The menu features all-time hits including:

Cochinita Pibil Tostadas: A Yucatán pulled-pork staple, served with black refried beans, pickled habanero chilis with purple onion and orange.

Mexican Crab Tacos: Served with avocado and tomatillo salsa.

Sinaloan Chilorio Sopes: Served with pinto beans, julienned panela cheese and poblano peppers. Great with norteño music.

Huitlacoche and Epazote Quesadillas:  Served with chihuahua cheese, tomatillo and chile ancho and morita salsa. ¡Ajúa!


Tres leches cake with strawberry or peach.

Ricotta canutillos, cheese-stuffed pastries and chongos zamoranos, a curdled milk delicacy with agave nectar and piloncillo.

Sounds delicious? Don´t be left out! We will be tweeting and posting photos of the party on Twitter @lavitaminat and on our Facebook page.

You too can join La Vitamina T and Sprint in the music festival celebration! Tune in from home and join the conversation on Twitter. As a La Vitamina T friend and reader, you can win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet.  Galaxy Tab 3s will be used to announce the award winners throughout the show, and now are available at all Sprint stores free when you join a Framily plan and buy a new Samsung Galaxy S5.

All you need to do to be eligible to win is:

1.  Follow La Vitamina T on Twitter @lavitaminat and Facebook (If you already do, please let me know)

2. Follow Sprint Latino on Facebook

3. Tweet or post on Facebook photos of you and your friends watching the show to @lavitaminat using the hashtags: #Billboards2014 #Framily (must be used together). Each  new tweet is an extra entry! Please tag me on Facebook when you post so that I can see your entry! Only tweets or posts with images posted on Thursday, April 24 2014 between  6:00 pm and 11:59 CT will be eligible to win. Tweets need to be sent to the right handle and Facebook posts must include the correct tag and hashtags.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on on Monday, April 28 at 10 am ET.   Must be 18 or older. Valid only in the continental US.

Premios Billboard 2014 airs on Telemundo on Thursday, April 24th at 7 ET/6CT.


UPDATE: The winner of the Galaxy Tab 3 is… Illya Samko! Thanks to all of La Vitamina T readers for participating!

This post, party and giveway are sponsored by Sprint. 


Flock to the Shepherd -The Charismatic Taco al Pastor #NationalTacoDay

Photo: El Califa, Mexico City

Photo courtesy of: El Califa, Mexico City


Whenever I visit Mexico, there is an additional ‘layover’ between the airport and my parents’ home in a suburb of Mexico City. Stopping for tacos al pastor or ‘shepherd-style’ tacos has become somewhat of an unspoken ritual. Luckily, no matter the time or day of the year, my sister is always prepared with a roster of recommendations that she has carefully curated in my absence. Count on her to rattle off an impressive selection that includes taquerías open on Christmas Day.

Despite the fact that taco stands abound, not all tacos are made equal. Ask any local. Finding the perfect taquería is almost a rite of passage for defeños*, one that speaks to the way we connect with our city and beyond- a Mexican’s relationship with their pastor is emotional… personal.

Photo courtesy of: El Califa. Mexico City, Mexico

Photo courtesy of: El Califa. Mexico City, Mexico

When Enrico came with me to Mexico for the first time, he joined me in our recently established ritual. We visited a corner taquería where my family knew Chucho*, the taquero. Enrico was a little nervous as he eyed the cilantro and the onion piling over the tender marinated pork meat and pineapple. As a tourist who visits Mexico for the first time, Enrico asked me if the food was safe to eat. Trying to leverage whatever I could think of to reassure him, I said, “You will be fine. The taquero’s name is Jesus!”

He was an instant convert.

I have yet to find a perfect spot in Chicago to have tacos al pastor. Recently, I was crushed to find that some places serve them with cubed meat. I am on a mission to find a place I can recommend!

In the meantime, if you have the good fortune to be in Mexico City, you must check out El Califa. Aside from their outstanding customer service, they are famous for the way they serve the meat and for their freshly-made tortillas.

You will see why I think that this taco is king.

* Defeño is a Citizen of Mexico City (D.F.)

**In Mexico, Chucho is short for Jesús, which is a fairly common name


Altata 22, Col. Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico 

Click here to find additional locations

Hours: Mon. thru  Sun. 1:00 p.m. –  4:00 a.m.