Guest Post – Mexican Cannelloni and Happy Cuatro de Mayo

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Photo credits: Alicia Ramírez Presburger.  Manitoba, Canada

I found this contribution particularly appropriate. Thank you, Henry!  As a newer arrival in the US, the festivities around cinco de mayo don’t resonate with me.  Although proud of the Mexican victory against the French in 1862, in my case, this celebration is more closely attached to memories of parades and essay-writing.

I must confess that I am having a great deal of trouble connecting the remembrance of my country´s victory in a particular battle with images of sombreros, cacti and mustaches. I am  also still wondering what to say when people wish me a “happy Cinco de mayo”. I have come to the realization that I am going to have to practice a response that is both, kind and honest.

At any rate, I recognize and appreciate the opportunity to party, as long as it is clear that this festivity has nothing to do with Mexico’s Independence day, and more importantly, that Mexico’s cultural contributions simply cannot be summed up in a few clichés.

To whom it may concern:

Mexican cannelloni began when I wondered, what would happen if I took the recipe for chilaquiles and used ground beef instead of chicken?

It was good but not earth shaking. Nevertheless, I had beef chilaquilles leftovers.

I asked myself, what if I stuffed this beef, jalapeno and tortilla concoction
into cannelloni shells and covered with Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, and baked in the oven?

This turned out to be a home run! Everyone (the wife and I) loved it. And as it happened, it was served on Cuatro de Mayo which is a Major Holiday in Winnipeg.

I leave you with this thought- when it comes to cooking, let your imagination go. You never know what you will discover!




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  1. egb108 says:

    Just goes to show you that a little inspiration and a fearless attitude can create a beautiful dish.

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