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Rollo de Pechuga de Pollo – Receta Navideña del Chef José Bossuet


Photo: Café Contento

Photo: Café Contento

¿Te tocó hacer la cena este año? Sorprende a tus invitados con esta receta del Chef Bossuet para preparar un rollo de pechuga de pollo orgánico relleno de queso de cabra, mantequilla de flor de calabaza con cremoso de camote,  quelite Obregón y jitomate cherry orgánicos.

Rinde: 8 porciones


  • 8 pechugas de pollo orgánico rellenas de queso de cabra
  • 4 tazas cremoso de camote, quelite Obregón y jitomate cherry orgánicos
  • 2 tazas mantequilla de flor de calabaza
  • ½ taza zanahoria rallada en listones y colocada en recipiente con hielos.

Para el rollo de pechuga

  • 8 medias pechugas abiertas
  • 2 pzas queso de cabra a las finas hierbas
  • Sal y pimienta blanca al gusto
  • Papel aluminio suficiente

Forma de hacerse:

  1. Sazona las pechugas con sal y pimienta por ambos lados
  2. Rellénalas con ¼ de queso de cabra cada una.
  3. Colócalas en el papel aluminio y enróllalas
  4. Cocina a la plancha o en una sartén hasta que estén bien cocidas, voltéalas varias veces para asegurar una cocción pareja.
  5. Reserva

 Para la mantequilla de flor de calabaza

  • 1 taza mantequilla clarificada
  • 1 taza de vino blanco
  • 1 taza de flor de calabaza limpia
  • 1 cucharada de curry Madras
  • Sal al gusto

Forma de hacerse:

Coloca todos los ingredientes y cocina por 30 minutos a fuego bajo, muele finamente.


 Para el cremoso de camote, quelite Obregón y jitomate cherry orgánicos:

  • 1 lto crema para batir
  • 2 tazas camote horneado molido
  • 1 taza jitomate cherry orgánico
  • 3 tazas quelite Obregón orgánico
  • Sal al gusto

Forma de hacerse:

  1. Hierve la crema. Agrega el quelite y los jitomates. Una vez cocidos, agrega el camote y sazona.
  2. Reserva.

Preparación y Montaje:

  1. Corta los rollos en dos y colócalos encima del cremoso, baña con la mantequilla de flor de calabaza y decora con la zanahoria.
  2. Sirve caliente
Chef José Bossuet

Chef José Bossuet

El chef  José Bossuet Martinez, es miembro de la prestigiosa asociación gastronómica “Club de Chefs de Chefs”, mismo que admite exclusivamente a los chefs de cocina que sirven a reyes, reinas, príncipes, jefes de estado y de gobierno.

Bossuet fungió como Chef Ejecutivo de la Presidencia de la República al mando de la cocina del ex-presidente Vicente Fox, en donde tuvo a su cargo la comitiva del avión presidencial, viajando con el presidente en la giras internacionales.

Hoy, ya no es necesario ser funcionario o aristocracia para comer como si lo fueramos. ¿Estás en San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato? Pues estás de suerte. Visita al Chef Bossuet en su Café Contento y también en Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Californa en Lozhka Bistrot .



Art and Heart: A Culinary Showcase by Ron Aleman at Sophie’s

Sophie's Ron Aleman.

Sophie’s Ron Aleman.



This is the first thought that came to mind when my dish was served – a beautiful combination of colors and textures that made me take notice. The impeccable service and a thoughtfully curated space overlooking Michigan Avenue added to the experience.  Comfort meets class here, and you can´t help but feel charmed when you visit.  I was hooked.

Chef Aleman's cioppino at Sophie's.

Chef Aleman’s cioppino at Sophie’s.

And beyond beauty, substance.  Heart.  You are after all at Saks Fifth Avenue… a model walking by each table with the latest designer jacket can be a reminder of your targeted budget or caloric intake. Chef Ron Aleman’s food is so good though, that somehow you feel welcome, not intimidated.

As I kept coming back I realized that something resonated within me. Just like shorthand, food is a secret language that transports you to a particular time and place. I knew the author of my meal was undoubtedly an artist. But, why did I think that this American fare spoke Spanish to my soul?

Chef Ron Aleman grew up dreaming of pursuing a career in the arts, perhaps painting or drawing (when I heard this, the artistic plating made perfect sense). Instead, he took a detour and graduated with a degree in business. As a successful salesman, at the age of 30, (when many professionals have consecrated themselves to their craft) Aleman was starting over.  In his new position, tending to the chores assigned to the most junior staff, he took over washing dishes and mopping with pride. “I knew this was the path I needed to follow, and there was nothing to be ashamed of”, he said.

If you have tried Chef Aleman’s food, you have looked at a snapshot of his heart: “Family is at the center of food. Food is love… cooking for others is an honor.” It is precisely his family where Chef draws a lot of his inspiration. Aleman found his Mexican mother-in-law’s asada salsa so irresistible, that he recreated her recipe in his kitchen. Growing up with tortillas as a staple of his family’s meals, his point of view is down-to-earth yet uniquely cosmopolitan. If you visit, try his coconut bread pudding, a dessert that in Mexico, we call capirotada.

You say bread pudding, I say capirotada. Either way, this dessert is amazing.

You say bread pudding, I say capirotada. Either way, this dessert is amazing.

Like CliffsNotes on Chicago, Chef Ron Aleman’s dishes are a synopsis of the character of the city- elevated yet approachable; informally sophisticated; worldy American with just the perfect touch of heat.

Follow Chef Aleman on Instagram: @Ronaleman27

Sophie’s Chicago

(312) 525-3400

700 North Michigan Ave. 7th Floor

Chicago, IL 60611 

Esquites con Sal de San Felipe: La Receta de la Chef Atzimba Pérez


Photo: Chef Atzimba Pérez

Foto: Chef Atzimba Pérez



  • 6 elotes tiernos desgranados

  • 1/2 barra de mantequilla

  • 1 chile jalapeño picado finamente

  • 20 hojas de epazote picadas

  • 4 tazas de caldo de pollo

  • Sal de San Felipe con chiltepín para sazonar (cómprala aquí)


  • Mayonesa

  • Jugo de limón

  • Queso cotija

  • Chile piquín

  • Epazote picado para decorar


  1. Pon a derritir la mantequilla.  En una cacerola, acitrona el chile jalapeño, el epazote y los granos de elote.

  2. Sazona y añade el caldo de pollo. Deja hervir durante 30 minutos.

  3. Sirve en un vasito con un poco de caldo. Decora con hojitas de epazote picado.  ¡Deliciosos para este frío! ¡Que los disfrutes!

Según la receta de la chef Atzimba Pérez. Para más información sobre Atzimba, visíta  su página de Facebook haciendo click aquí. 



The Perfect Complement to Great Food. Tips & Recipes by Rick Bayless. (Sponsored)


Photo: Negra Modelo

Photo: Negra Modelo

I was so excited when Negra Modelo asked me to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime walking food tour of San Francisco (led by none other than Rick Bayless), with stops including everything you can imagine from carnicerías to panaderías and tortillerías*.  The elation was immediately followed by the crushing realization that I had a previous commitment that would not allow me to physically make it.

I already knew I needed a clone, but this was just overwhelming evidence.

Luckily for me, our friends at Negra Modelo allowed me to report from the distance. Thanks to the magic of social media,  I  intently followed the mouthwatering play-by-play which included freshly made tortillas, the freshest carne asada meat in town, huaraches, pan dulce, and of course, Negra Modelo. ¡Ahhh!

In 1965 Salvador Vazquez brought Mexican carne asada cuts to San Francisco.

In 1965 Salvador Vazquez brought Mexican carne asada cuts to San Francisco.

Photos: Negra Modelo

Photos: Negra Modelo

As I “followed” the group into the panadería, which I learned was proudly operated by a third-generation baker, I understood the shop was out of my beloved conchas (for a moment I confess experiencing fleeting gratitude, as I could not bear much more pain). The group still lucked out, enjoying these instead:

Photo: Negra Modelo

Photo: Negra Modelo

Pan dulce is such a staple of Mexican meals. “Ir por el pan”  (to go get bread) is a daily, delicious activity so prevalent, that it has made it into colloquial expressions. For example, a famous pick up line is: “¿A qué hora vas por el pan?“. Literally meaning, “when do you usually go get bread?” the expression is usually used to say: “When will you be alone so that I can talk to you?”

When I was a little girl and even living in the city, men on bicycles with huge baskets on their heads, would home deliver pan dulce. I am not sure that this still takes place in big cities, but growing up, it was always a treat to hear panaderos ringing their bells, chanting ,”¡el pan!” (bread is here!) This is immediately what I though of when I saw the picture below. Priceless!

Photo: Negra Modelo

Photo: Negra Modelo

I vicariously enjoyed this very thoughtful event through the tweets and posts of my fellow foodies. Plus, although I  did not get to try the Twitter activated machine packed with samples,  I was able to bring this party favor to you-  Negra Modelo’s new website featuring tips and recipes by Chef Bayless, just in time for the holidays. Look no further! helps you bring to life anything from guacamole con chicharrón to mussels, all made or paired with Negra Modelo, the perfect complement to great food.

See? You can have your beer and drink it too!


Photo: Negra Modelo

Photo: Negra Modelo


*butcher shops, bakeries and tortilla shops. 

Disclosure: La Vitamina T was invited by Negra Modelo to cover this event, and was compensated to post about it.