Food: How it Makes Words Delicious. From the Series #DíloconSabor (Say it with Flavor)

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A Darle

“A darle que es mole de olla” (Let’s get to work because we are making mole de olla). This expression is used to instill motivation to begin working on a complex task.

Post 1 of the series #DíloconSabor (Say it with Flavor)

Having been raised in Mexico City, Mexico,  it was not until I moved to the US as a young professional, that I realized that sports jargon was prevalent in colloquial language.  I might have not fully understood which sport the expressions had been borrowed from, but I very quickly became adept at seasoning my language with phrases such as “touch base”, “call an audible”, “drop the ball”, etc.   Something that was very curious to me is that in contrast, Mexicans season their language with food. This series, “Dílo con Sabor” is a collection of food-centric sayings or allegories that are now part of popular wisdom or folklore.

Do you have a favorite food-related saying? Tweet it to @lavitaminat with the hashtag #díloconsabor (sayitwithflavor).

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