Thank You for Each and Every One of Your Votes!

Panko-crusted fish torta with chipotle mayo
Panko-crusted fish torta with chipotle mayo

Dear friends of La Vitamina T,

Earlier today we received detailed information on the results of Gorton’s “Cook, Blog and Win” contest. I thought it was important to wait for them before sharing the news with you. We finished 3rd! You must have done something right, because you helped us close the gap to move up in the race in the final weeks! I also learned that we were not far behind the second spot. This was not an easy feat. As you know, we were privileged to run against very seasoned, highly-respected bloggers. Being part of this contest was in itself, a win for one-year old La Vitamina T.

Thank you so much for your dedicated, generous and thoughtful help. We did not win first place, but we walked away with a greater reward- your support, your words of encouragement and your kind notes. Many of you wrote  every day to let us know you had voted. Others sent updates on their voting status while on vacation.

I was truly touched.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for each and every one of your votes; thank you for making the recipe, for sharing it with your friends, for keeping us among your friends in spite of all of our messages, thank you for rooting for La Vitamina T. And most of all, thank you for reading.

I feel like we are winners after all.

Much love and gratitude, Brenda Storch

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