Fabulous Food in the Suburbs and Other Unlikely Places

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Schaumburg is definitely not known for its collection of boutique restaurants,  much less Mexican eateries. Interestingly,  an oasis in an otherwise food chain-dominated town is Nordstrom. Yes, I just found this amazing chicken torta at my local retailer. I saw this as a special on the menu and had to try it. I am not sure how long it will be featured for, but if you have a chance, swing by and try it. This is truly the best interpretation of a torta I have ever had outside of Mexico.  If you don´t happen to see it on the menu, usually the daily specials are a good way to go.

Nordstrom Restaurants give the concept “boutique restaurant” a completely new meaning.  This gem awaits you on the third floor of Nordstrom at Woodfield Mall.

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  1. Enrico Bellomo says:

    That really is an unlikely place to find Mexican fare. What an interesting find!

  2. H says:

    Amazing food at this restaurant, not the case until approx a year ago, now it is my fav in the area! if you strayed from Nordsrtom Woodfield go back there again. The Chef started last year and turned this place around into an amazing eatery, I have to have the Specials every visit.

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