The Essential Vitamina T

In Mexico, La Vitamina T (Vitamin T) is a tongue-in-cheek term we use to refer to tacos, tortas, tamales, tostadas and other carb-loaded delicacies.

When I visit home, food is probably one of my favorite souvenirs. Crossing countries with everything I want to bring is always impractical and at times, impossible. In my effort to feel close in the distance, I first brought pictures, then recipes. It finally occurred to me that food was perhaps the best way to make my new world feel like home. This is how, in a bout of homesickness, La Vitamina T was born.

In this blog, you can find your dose of Vitamina T. I will share recipes, and unbiased findings and recommendations on local (and not so local eateries), often served with a side of Latin America. Enjoy!


2 Responses to The Essential Vitamina T

  1. Luis Arturo Vazquez says:

    Dear Brenda, I really enjoyed meeting you and sharing the microphones at WKRS, Union Latina this morning, I am starting to browse your website and I think it is really fun. We’ll be in touch, Luis.