Estampas de Mi Ciudad – Vendedora de Pinole (Lady with Pinole)

Vendedora de Pinole (Lady with Pinole). Photo credit: Manuel Rivera – Atlixco, Puebla

Pinole, from the Náhuatl, ¨pinolli¨ is a sweet powder made with dry or toasted corn. It can be eaten as candy when it is mixed with cocoa and other spices; used as flour or mixed into a drink.

Pinole is not only part of the diet of many Mexicans, but this delicate dust has also found its way into a variety of sayings or figures of speech. For example, ´se hizo pinole´ (it was turned into pinole) is used to say that something or someone was pulverized. The saying: ´No se puede chiflar y comer pinole´(it is impossible to whistle when eating pinole) refers to the difficulty of simultaneously carrying out two incompatible tasks.

The lady in the photo sells pinole as her livelihood. The picture was taken at the main square of  the town of Atlixco, Puebla.

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