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You Say Turkey, I Say Guajolote – Two Worlds, One Plate

Photo credit: Lissette Storch – Puebla, México

My great-grandma Rachel ¨Rae¨ Storch, who was born and raised in  the U.S., always called us on Thanksgiving Day. In one occasion, I visited her during the holidays in her home in Miami. To celebrate, she treated me to a very nice meal and asked me what we usually did for Thanksgiving in Mexico. “We have no Mayflower!” I remember answering. Grandma seemed stunned for a second, and then agreed that it made sense that this celebration was not part of my emotional repertoire. I also told her that with our public transportation system as it was, I was reminded to be thankful quite often, especially when getting off a ‘combi’ or ‘pesero’ (vans or shuttle buses that zigzag through the city at incredible speeds and stop at random). Without even blinking,  my great-grandma, who was always worried about my being too short or too skinny, then asked me if my parents were making me drink enough milk and if I took vitamins… I was 24.

For a while, shortly after I first moved to the U.S., and since I did not have family to celebrate with, I volunteered to be the one on call at work. Little by little, I have found myself participating in the festivity more and more often. After all, “en tierra que fueres haz lo que vieres*”. Besides, I can always make an argument for a party at the prospect of good food, and I have even added my on twist to it.

To celebrate this year, I am sharing  two turkey-centric recipes- one in English to make orange tequila turkey, and one in Spanish for those interested in recreating the delicious mole de guajolote otomí, which is usually reserved for fiestas patronales (parties to celebrate patron saints). Any of these two delicious meals will have you saying gobble, gobble in two languages!

*Popular saying equivalent to: “When in Rome do what the Romans do”.

Originally published on 11/25/2013 

Nuestra Mesa – Mole de Guajolote Estilo Otomí


Foto: Manuel Rivera – Querétaro, México

Por: Chef Aldo Saavedra

Receta de Marta Cenovio de Santiago Mezquititlan, Querétaro .

Esta receta es típica de fiestas patronales.  Todos los ingredientes, incluyendo los animales, suelen ser de cosecha de casa.

Sirve: 10 personas


  • 1 guajolote de 5 − 6 kilos
  • 35 piezas de chile pasilla
  • 10 piezas de chile guajillo
  • 4 dientes de ajo
  • 1/2 kilo de masa
  • 1/2 kilo de manteca de cerdo
  • hierbas de olor


  1. Lava los chiles y pónlos a remojar en 2 litros de agua a temperatura ambiente hasta que ablanden
  2. Licúa los chiles con el agua de remojo
  3. Cuélalos, vuélvelos a licuar y agrega la masa y el ajo
  4. Cuece el guajolote en agua con las hierbas de olor.
  5. Ya cocido el guajolote, escúrrelo y pónlo a freír en manteca de cerdo bien caliente
  6. Retirarlo  y reserva
  7. Usa la mitad de la manteca y agrégasela a la mezcla licuada. Ponla a que sofría.
  8. Espera a que espese y ponle sal
  9. Agrega el guajolote y deja que suelte el hervor
  10. Dejar cocinar durante 5 horas a fuego muy bajo
  11. Sirve con tortillas y arroz blanco

El chef Aldo Saavedra ha cocinado para huéspedes de establecimientos como el conocido Hotel Condesa D.F. y ha contribuído con sus recetas en proyectos con marcas de la talla de Larousse y Danone. En Nuestra Mesa, el chef Saavedra comparte con los lectores de La Vitamina T, su pasión por la cocina y por México.