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Barbacoa Roja: Regalo de Artesanos Oaxaqueños – Estampas de Mi Ciudad

Barbacoa Roja. Tlacolula, Mexico. Photo credit: Chef Aldo Saavedra

Our very own Chef Aldo Saavedra has embarked on a gastronomical tour of Mexico. He found this delicious barbacoa roja in the village of Tlacolula, Oaxaca, a town founded by the Zapotecs in 1250 A.D.  In Mexico, barbacoa has little to do with barbecue in the U.S.- this dish consists of goat meat usually cooked for hours in an underground pit. This Oaxacan treasure is cooked with a mix of 10 different chilis and is garnished with cauliflower, radish and cilantro. If you are in Tlacotula, you will find that this local favorite is accompanied with tortillas and a drink made with a sweet and refreshing cactus fruit called pitaya.