From Ocean to Table: #PescaConFuturo ‘s Mission for Sustainable Seafood in Mexico

#Pesca con Futuro” is making waves in Mexico by promoting the sustainable use of local fish and seafood. This initiative has been recognized with a nomination for the “Best Producer or Promoter of Sustainable Products” at the Food and Travel Reader Awards 2023.

Led by Citlalli Gómez Lepe, #PescaConFuturo focuses on three main objectives: educating fishermen about sustainable practices, connecting producers with businesses to advocate for sustainability, and informing consumers about eco-friendly seafood options. The movement has united over 130 chefs, academics, and researchers, all dedicated to demonstrating how consuming he right seafood can positively impact our oceans.

#PescaConFuturo also provides resources, including a map and a guide to sustainable seafood in Mexico, along with a list of producers, distributors, and restaurateurs available at

The “Best Producer or Promoter of Sustainable Products” category aims to recognize those in the industry committed to environmental stewardship while producing, distributing, or serving high-quality products.

Voting for the Food and Travel Reader Awards 2023 is open at and concludes tomorrow, Friday, February 9. Participants simply need to complete a form to vote for their favorites across 28 categories. The winners will be announced on February 22 after a thorough tally.

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