Estampas de mi Ciudad – Our Lady of the Corn

Photo: Omar Alonso – Oaxaca, México

Mayans believed people were made out of corn. This grain was such a part of this people’s existence, that their legends and folk heroes have maize at their core. The crop was also essential to the Aztec world  to such degree, that important characters in their mythology, Centéotl and Chicomecóatl, both corn deities, represented food, fertility and life.

Today, we might not think people are made out of corn, but this cereal is  fundamental to the Mexican diet of any region. From tortillas to tamales and atole, and even on the cob with lime, chili, mayo and cheese as a street snack, “elote¨ or ¨maíz¨ is easy to find in any of its delicious forms. And while in Mexico perhaps, corn is no longer revered, it is definitely still adored.