Chile de Agua Rajas – A Recipe from Oaxacan Culinary Ambassador Pilar Cabrera

Photo: Pilar Cabrera
Photo: Pilar Cabrera

A food scientist turned chef and restaurateur, for over 20 years, Pilar Cabrera has delighted patrons at her La Olla restaurant in Oaxaca, Mexico. Also a culinary educator and ambassador, Chef recently spoke with us about her book, Casa de los Sabores, a compilation of some tradional Oaxacan recipes, and the written culmination of her work as a docent: Casa de los Sabores is chef Cabrera´s cooking school.

In her food, Cabrera captures the soul of traditional Oaxacan cooking, from local ingredients, to utensils and secret family recipes.

If you are in Oaxaca, you are in luck, as you can stop by and indulge in her dishes. If you are not, buy her book, and in the meantime,  Chef was very generous to share with us a piece of Oaxaca, so that you can bring it to life in your own kitchen. Here’s her recipe to make chile de agua rajas al orégano. Enjoy!

*Our heartfelt thanks to chef Aldo Saavedra for making this interview possible.